Since 1957

Controls for agricultural and industrial machinery, chain and polyester tie-rods, Continuous loop tie-rods, Winch ropes and straps, Ratchet straps


Tiesse srl was founded in 1957 by Teresa Salvaderi who, with passion and tenacity, made it grow.
Today our company is specialized in the processing of wire ropes, especially in the field of flexible controls for brakes, clutches, accelerators, engine stops and various drives for forklifts, agricultural and gardening machinery, earth moving machines, trailers, industrial machinery, construction machinery, boats, poultry farming.
We design and manufacture ad hoc components to meet our customers’ needs and we are always happy to collaborate with their technical departments.
The production flexibility and the wide availability of components and materials in our warehouse allows us to produce lots of thousands of pieces but also small quantities, in times that always meet our customers' needs.
Competitive prices and high-quality products are the result of a precious experience in the engineering industry.
We have won prestigious contracts with companies such as Innocenti, Piaggio, Gilera, TGM, Ducati, in the motorbike sector, BCS, Ibea, John Deere, Oleo Mac, in the agriculture and gardening sector, OM, Still, Fimsa, in the forklift sector.




List of available products


Controls for gardening, agricultural and industrial machinery, earth moving machines, agricultural and industrial trailers

Controls for gardening machinery

Controls for agricultural and industrial machinery

Controls for earth moving machines

Controls for agricultural and industrial trailers

Controls for trailers and heavy self-propelled

Various types of cable and strand


Cable, chain and polyester tie-rods, accessories

Steel tie-rods

Continuous loop tie-rods

Multiple-arm tie-rods

Double layer standard CEN band

Round polyester ring ropes

Single layer standard CEN band

Single arm polyester

Two-arm polyester sling

Three-arm polyester sling

Four-arm polyester sling

EN818-2 chain

Examples of slings and maximum sling loads


Ratchet straps, winch ropes and straps

Winch ropes and straps

Ratchet straps


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